Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Around here...

... we have had a bit of a bumpy ride.

It was off to a perfect start when we decided to take a couple of days 'time out'.  There is something really nice about just jumping in the car and go and it was SO nice to get away for a bit..
We found a little cabin and spend a few nights in Clare valley, riding our bikes, walking, eating and relaxing before we picked up this little girl...

...Tilly, on the way home. Have you ever tried to keep an 8 week old puppy in a car on an almost 3 hour car trip??? Interesting, but we there..

The idea was go get back to work as soon as we got back. Well, needless to say with this little distraction in the house, getting anything done is rather tricky..

On top of settling our new family member we received the phone call every parent dread in the early hours of Sunday morning - Our youngest son was in hospital following an 'incident' in the city. Most importantly, he will be okay! They never tell you much over the phone so we didn't know that at the time and the hour it took us to get to the hospital seemed like forever...
He had been out with friends and was sitting in the main mall, minding his own business when he was 'coward punched' by some low-life thug (excuse the language, but I have absolutely no patience for this kind of people). From what we have been told, he took a blow to the back of his head and must have landed square on his chin so his jaw is broken clean down the middle. He remembers none of it.
There has been so many cases of young people ending up with permanent brain damage after these kind of cowardly attacks and we are just so grateful and relieved that he has escaped with 'just' a broken jaw and a few gases - it could have been so much worse.
The patient is back home, sore but in one piece and already complaining about the prospect of 6 weeks on soup, soup and more soup... What is is with men and food????
I am just tired following it all and finding getting back into things a bit tricky - but I will get there. Hopefully I will get back to my stitching this week.

Best stitches,
Anna X

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Goldwork - Finishing

I have been chipping away at it...

... covering the padded petals of the flowers with tiny pieces of gild check purl.

I thought I would try something a bit different, so at the 'fatter parts' I added tiny seed beads between in purls. It might be a bit hard to see - oh how I wish it was easier to photograph this 'shiny stuff'

To finish the flower, I stitched the tiniest  palliettes down with fine red silk....

... and neatened the edge of the leaves. And viola... 

... It is finished!!

Now all I have to do is:
... lace it and frame it...
            ... name it (any suggestions??)...
                         ... write it the instructions ...
                                       ... and kit it - ready for the shop and classes.

Have a happy, stitchy weekend,
Anna X

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Goldwork WIP - couched gold leaves

I did exactly what I always advise others NOT to do....

... set the work aside before finishing all the (pesky) metal thread tails on the back!!!
Taking the tails to the back, may make the front look neat and somewhat tidy, but 'taming' the tails on the back is a completely other story - one I was determined to get over and done with today.

These uncontrolled tails, poking out in every-which-one direction take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to tidy up. I am convinced I have spent at least twice as long working on the back as it took stitching the front.

One-by-one every tail, trimmed, bent back and stitched securely down...

... they are all done!
I love the look of solid, couched gold laid side by side.. but I am glad there are no more ends.

Best stitches
Anna X